Bass in your Face-Not an 8-track… My heavily modified Kramer Baretta

For about 5 years this bass has been the equivalant of a car up on cinderblocks in the front yard; but now is a fully functioning hot rod.

I bought this several years ago while shit faced drunk at 3 am & while in my defense it was only $109. bucks including shipping the bass had some fatal flaws; namely the pickups.

This bass was one of a club of cheap basses where they cram 4 string pickups in a 5 string and hope for the best…  The best didn’t happen, the bass was deaf to the B string.

So a few months ago gregg & I cannibalized the parts and created Mr. shitworthy as notated in the following…

Still my Kramer Baretta was left unfinished until circumstances allowed it’s renewal.

Now my “Kramerstein” has 2 Carvin soapbar pickups, a Badass V bridge, and glow in the dark knobs.  I strung it with DR Flatwounds so it really sings now.

I currently await a shipment of “Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes” to further customise it; until then here it is.


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