Made a New/Old Bass Yesterday, Introducing Mr. Shitworthy

Ain’t it a beaut’.

To explain the backstory to this monstrosity, I stopped my my friend Noel’s place to pick up a few things that I had been storing there for ages, amongst them was the remenants of my very first bass ever from when I was 13.  This particular bass was actually found in the dumpster behind a pawn shop, it was a “Memphis” brand Precision bass copy with a really dodgy pickup; and that’s before I started messing with it.  It was in such a sad state because this was one of the instruments that were casualties as I learned to work on/assemble guitars…  and yes I took the frets out back when I was 15…  With a butterknife no less.

I’ve been jonesing to have a new bass for a few years now so I called Gregg (who was invaluable since I have no idea how to solder) so we set to work.  The pickups come from my useless Kramer 5 string (the one that had 4 string pickups in it) and the pickgaurd was from an old game board from a “Risk”s set that I found by a more recent dumpster.  Before Gregg came by I had smoothed out the neck problems so we were ready to molest the bass roughly with a router before shoehorning in the pickups and letting it rip.

Noone was more surprised than us when the thing worked when we plugged it in….  of our own admission the knobs are sort of idiosyncratic in their performance, BUT IT DOES ACTUALLY WORK!!!

I’ll be popping out to grab a set of strings for it and will be breaking it in tonight while recording something with Gregg, DJ Billy, Metal Mike, Pete, Renee and myself to help Bunny get a grant for a large scale Opera Mash up performance at the kravitz center, but that is another whole…  big…  thing…


5 Responses to “Made a New/Old Bass Yesterday, Introducing Mr. Shitworthy”

  1. I started playing bass in 2000 after hand problems from drumming for 16 years forced me to switch instruments. My first bass was a red Memphis P-copy. I kept it for about 3 months then started buying Fender Jazz basses and decent gear once I realized that I could play Priest and AC/DC songs. haha

    Last week I picked up a mid-80s Japanese P-bass, all black including the headstock, back of the neck and hardware. Plays and sounds like a dream. All routing is in the back so there’s no pickguard. It’s pretty sweet.

    I’m also a Rickenbacker hound. I’m down to 2 now but had as many as 6 at once, all pre-93. I am learning to keep my OCD in check.

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    that’s cool, nothing like the joy of a new toy. my next project is getting my 5 string fully functional (of which i neither have time or money for) here are the rest of my babies.

  3. I love the Risk board pick guard, so in keeping with the military theme – I think you should call it “General Shitworthy”
    much more dignified. . .

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