flea on trumpet, john on bass RHCP live

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just that simple & just that badass



Crap in a Hat over 7000 views!

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Wow,  just wow. 

Mostly I want to thank all the sloths that made this possible…

Not the scary Goonies kind but the cute furry ones from the Amazon that I’m sure wont rape the hell out of Chunk the moment the cameras stop rolling.

At long last…”the Jahcaster”

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This instrument that Gregg and I made…  Gregg did most of the work, but I did help out in some ways and our buddy Nick donated a squier neck & body for the project, thanks Nick.

The concept started back when Gregg & I were part of jahfe , a Hatian, reggae-compa band (which has managed to plug along without us) I was bored one night and half-assedly photoshopped one of the original Eddie Van Halen “Frankenstein” guitars and put in Rasta colours and emailed the image to Gregg with the caption “Jahcaster”.

We both had a chuckle and more or less forgot about it until I had a little cash burning a hhole in my pocket & I took advantage of a sale at Stewart Macdonald on EMG Select pickups (the same sale that enabled Mr. Blackwell to happen) so I Purchased 2 humbuckers and a H S H style pearl pickguard; knowing we had Nick’s eviscerated Squier Strat at Gregg’s house.

Now I’m not sure which one of us suggested it but operation jahcaster was born.  The guitar has a great sound and is one of a kind, with it’s 2 EMG Select humbuckers and the overwound original single coil from gregg’s upgraded Lead II.  The pickup arrangement is a 5 way switch with a toggle to allow all three pickups on at once and has a great PAF, neck pickup sound and a great transparent and versitlile quality from the pickups, Gregg loves it!

Long forgotten song of the day… “Phantom of the Paradise – Phantom’s Theme” by Paul Williams

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This is my favorite of the many fantastic songs written for an absolute shitburger of a movie (Brian de Palmas’ Phantom of Paridise) by the oft forgotten Paul Williams.

The lyrics are just absolutely fantastic & a wonderfully restrained arraingement for a very sad and meditive song.

Other than a guest appearance on the Dexter’s Lab cartoon I haven’t heard anything from him, which is quite sad since he has some great chops.

Give it a listen it’s good.


Song of the day: “They Call Me Doctor Worm” by They Might be Giants

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it’s just where my head is today…


Yet another bass finished, Introducing Mr. Blackwell

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This bass is made almost entirely of  “Hand-me-downs” and was sitting around unfinished (over 10 years in my closet) until recently.

It has the original neck & bridge from my fretless Frankenstein Jazz bass (AKA the Vanilla Pudding pop bass), an extra string tree that I ordered when intending to mod my 6 string, spare tuners from carvin, a spare 500k pot & jack that Gregg had lying around & I took advantage of a great sale on EMG Select pickups from Stewart Macdonald to finish it off.

The bass is light as a feather, very lively and responsive & the tone from the EMG select P pickup is something I couldn’t be happier with.

Unfortunately this bass is a bit lost in the shuffle since i’ve been concentrating on my 5 & 6 technique wise, but I just had to finish it up & hell, every bass player nees a P bass.

Special thanks to Gregg for all his help.

Dub Side of the Moon, “Time” Live by the Easy All Stars

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Around 8 years ago I had a casual acquaintance whom I knew from The Nakamal (the only cool place I had found in the 3 years I lived in Boca Raton) mention something that just sounded nuts to me during a conversation about music.  What he mentioned was a Dub reggae band that did a song for song cover album of “Dark Side of the Moon”; obviously I HAD to hear it & luckily he lent me the album.

From that night on I’ve been all but obsessed with this album as well as the other works available by the fantastic Easy All Star band (amongst them are “RadioDread” & and “Sargent Peppers Loneley Hearts Dub Band) they are phenominal Musicians and I would happily leave the state to check them out live.

The Link is to “Time” (which happens to be my favorite Pink Floyd song) performed live, there is a ton of other stuff out there too but it’s the 21st century so I’m assuming you know how “YouTube” works.

To buy the albums (you’ll want to) go to