At long last…”the Jahcaster”

This instrument that Gregg and I made…  Gregg did most of the work, but I did help out in some ways and our buddy Nick donated a squier neck & body for the project, thanks Nick.

The concept started back when Gregg & I were part of jahfe , a Hatian, reggae-compa band (which has managed to plug along without us) I was bored one night and half-assedly photoshopped one of the original Eddie Van Halen “Frankenstein” guitars and put in Rasta colours and emailed the image to Gregg with the caption “Jahcaster”.

We both had a chuckle and more or less forgot about it until I had a little cash burning a hhole in my pocket & I took advantage of a sale at Stewart Macdonald on EMG Select pickups (the same sale that enabled Mr. Blackwell to happen) so I Purchased 2 humbuckers and a H S H style pearl pickguard; knowing we had Nick’s eviscerated Squier Strat at Gregg’s house.

Now I’m not sure which one of us suggested it but operation jahcaster was born.  The guitar has a great sound and is one of a kind, with it’s 2 EMG Select humbuckers and the overwound original single coil from gregg’s upgraded Lead II.  The pickup arrangement is a 5 way switch with a toggle to allow all three pickups on at once and has a great PAF, neck pickup sound and a great transparent and versitlile quality from the pickups, Gregg loves it!


3 Responses to “At long last…”the Jahcaster””

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  2. This is my blogfficial thank-you Dom, for parts and inspiration. A very fun project and shockingly (dare I say perfect?) good results. Hopefully one of these weeks I’ll get the taste of the old polyurethane finish we burnt off out of my mouth. I’m good on Strats for now…until I have money for that Adrian Smith model. Jacksons don’t count, right?

    One critique–you should have titled the post “Eddie Van Halen and Bob Marley walk into a bar…”

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