Yet another bass finished, Introducing Mr. Blackwell

This bass is made almost entirely of  “Hand-me-downs” and was sitting around unfinished (over 10 years in my closet) until recently.

It has the original neck & bridge from my fretless Frankenstein Jazz bass (AKA the Vanilla Pudding pop bass), an extra string tree that I ordered when intending to mod my 6 string, spare tuners from carvin, a spare 500k pot & jack that Gregg had lying around & I took advantage of a great sale on EMG Select pickups from Stewart Macdonald to finish it off.

The bass is light as a feather, very lively and responsive & the tone from the EMG select P pickup is something I couldn’t be happier with.

Unfortunately this bass is a bit lost in the shuffle since i’ve been concentrating on my 5 & 6 technique wise, but I just had to finish it up & hell, every bass player nees a P bass.

Special thanks to Gregg for all his help.


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