Dub Side of the Moon, “Time” Live by the Easy All Stars

Around 8 years ago I had a casual acquaintance whom I knew from The Nakamal (the only cool place I had found in the 3 years I lived in Boca Raton) mention something that just sounded nuts to me during a conversation about music.  What he mentioned was a Dub reggae band that did a song for song cover album of “Dark Side of the Moon”; obviously I HAD to hear it & luckily he lent me the album.

From that night on I’ve been all but obsessed with this album as well as the other works available by the fantastic Easy All Star band (amongst them are “RadioDread” & and “Sargent Peppers Loneley Hearts Dub Band) they are phenominal Musicians and I would happily leave the state to check them out live.

The Link is to “Time” (which happens to be my favorite Pink Floyd song) performed live, there is a ton of other stuff out there too but it’s the 21st century so I’m assuming you know how “YouTube” works.

To buy the albums (you’ll want to) go to



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