New Bass Day SX Ursa 6

Finally got my Ursa six LOVE IT the output was a bit mellow but I had the factory strings on them and I don’t know if all the comments to Kurt at Rondo Music affected anything but they felt great; however I’m sure there will be more zing when I put a set of Ernie Balls on them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I can honestly say I like this bass more than models that cost more than 3X this bass did ($150 plus shipping)
I have to tweak the action a bit but that would require me not playing it for an hour or so that will have to wait…lol..

Between that and the 2 super low end SX Strats I bought for my kids I would Very enthusiastically recommend the brand to anybody.

Aug 24

I’ve really been playing the hell out of my SX 6 and I have to tell you I’m a compulsive “Modder” and I’ve pretty much decided to leave it alone.
Though I prefer higher output pickups a little tweak to mySansAmp gets me all I need without soldering (which is part of my pedal board anyway) and even though I took advantage on a great sale on Carvin pickups (which aren;t wide enough BTW) that I intend to leave in the parts box for some project in the nebulous future.
I A/B’d the output with my MEC equiped Warwick Corvette standard and it was around the same.
The only real Mod I intend is to jazz up the pickguard somehow since I have a neurotic aversion to white pickguards.

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