Another Opera Mash up

sitting here fiercely pounding away at the public library due to a continued lack of computer access.

Last saturday was another of the infamous opera mash ups and it was a delightful mess heled at the famous “Churchills Hideaway”  I’ve been promised both pics & video that I will post as soon as I get it (hint hint to my facebook friends) as it was a unique ensamble.

It was a 10 piece band consisting of myself on bass

gregg on guitar in standard tuning

randy guitar and effects in drop c#

maxwell ames (of restless spirits alumni) on drums

billy on miscellanious stuff

3 other guys doing weird things with stuff

josh on the german speak and say and toys

a fantastic flautist who’s name escapes me

jesus fish on d# tuned guitar and keyboards

and at least somebody else.

Shu luckily was also able to make it and she had a great time as well as it is rare as an eclipse that we can get out and away from the kids.  I’d love to really lock in a “core” group of people and really try to develop the potential of the whole Opera Mash Up concept beyond that of “noisy jam band” but I’ll take whatever gigs I can get at this point. 

In other news I’m still uneployed and looking at being $900 bucks shy of bills this month, but the aforementioned Maxwell Ames promised me an old PC to use which will be much appreciated.

Wish me luck Lummoxcateers!


2 Responses to “Another Opera Mash up”

  1. I am working on some shows at “The Cottage”. I wanna see if Jeven can come thru with a barbershop quartet, cause apparently he is in one. If I can get a for-sure on that date, I will book a bagpipe mash and a barbershop mash at “The Cottage” in Lake Worth.

    I also was talking to an artist at Churchills about an art show in November. I am thinking about transferring the posters to canvases (and making some prints too) and doing a mash along with it. If they do it at a place like “The Bubble” I can get two press peeps out.

    That is my current plan with shows. We will see what curve-balls life throws at me to change that, but send out positive vibes.

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    as always i’m all in

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