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Gird your loins, I’m Starting a new Band!

Posted in music on July 28, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

Yesseriee….  Myself and a couple of old friends have decided to dust off our six guns and hit the range again.

It will be interesting to see what 3 middle aged, manic depressive, science fiction fans come up with when we lock ourselves in the studio.

At the moment it’s a power trio though we have some vague ambition of recruiting a female vocalist.

Who knows I might even sing some.

The line up is myself of bass

the inimitable Gregg Leblanc on guitar

and my old buddy and fellow “Restless Spirits” alumni Max Ames on drums.

I’ve been needing this desperately and can hardly wait to get things started this sunday.

Wish us luck.




That’s it it’s diet time!

Posted in failure on July 24, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

The final straw supporting  any delusion over my fat status has fallen.  I was shopping in Wal Mart-the grazing and spawning grounds of the North American fatass- and to my eldrich horror…


I’m diving into the kind of diet that would make Kate Moss concerned, this is ridiculous.  I’m going to be living exclusively on tapwater and sorrow.

How the hell did I do this to myself…  Oh yeah, a fork was involved and me being a jackass and ending up weighing as much as a mule.

Wish me and those around me luck.

Some footage from the last Opera Mash Up

Posted in music on July 23, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

The sound quality is lousy but at least the video quality is bad.

I’m the greenish smudge with the hat and the jazz bass to the right of the drum kit, which is a reddish smudge next to me.

Here is an older one I stumbled across, it’s far more abstract.

easy come easy go… bullshit it took me years to acquire all that junk!!! A.K.A. What’s in my gig bag

Posted in failure, music on July 20, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

Like all gigging musicians, there are material casualties that occur in our buisness; I recently suffered one at the last Opera Mash up.  I lost a backpack full of cables etc.  that I guestimate was worth around $250. bucks… probably more if I’m masochistic enough to add it all up.

This is also what I feel covers the bases for a properly stocked, gig bag.

My suffering is as follows

2 sets of “labella Super Steels” Bass strings gauged 40-100

2 sets ernie ball super slinky guitar strings

2 string winders

2 power supply cables

6, 20 foot 1/4 inch guitar cables

3, 3 foot 1/4 inch guitar cables

2, 6 foot 1/4 inch guitar cables

5 ,20 foot 1/4 inch speaker cables

5 “male to male” 1/4 inchpatch cables

3 “female to female” 1/4 inch adaptors

6 ,25 foot xlr, Mic. cables

several low quality laptop spacers used to separate the cords

2 spare guitar straps

1 well worn set of drum sticks

1 guitar tuner

2, 1/4 to 1/8 inch adaptors

1, 1/4 to RCA adaptor

roughly 2 dozen guitar picks

the changepurse that held aforementioned guitar picks

3 dozen velcro cable ties

assorted pens, pencils and sharpie markers and 2 pencil sharpeners

a smith and wesson folding knife

1 composition book and one spiral notebook

one pocket pad

1 yard of rope

about 4, 3 foot long bungee cords

4, 9 volt batteries

a 16 pack of AAA batteries

a Huskey aluminum LED flashlight

2 bottle openers

a very inexpensive multi tool

a small hard case filled with tampons (I’ve been in many bands with women so I’ve been the hero on many occasions)

8 terrycloth wristbands of various colors

most of a roll of electrical tape

1 small roll duct tape

4 sealed tubes of “crazy glue”

a small tube of WD-40

4 bar towels

1 hand towel

1 dirty rag

2 heavy duty garbage bags, 39 gallon capacity

1 soldering iron

1 roll rosin core solder

2 boxcutters and spare razors

band aids and alchohol swabs

several golf pencils that I tend to take from lotto stands

a handful of outdated set lists

4 disposable lighters

several books of matches

a back brace (amps are heavy)

2 paperback novels

one mic stand attatchment.

1 box of cinnamon altoids

2 large packages of chewing gum

1 collapsable camping cup

2 “D” rings carabiner style

4 key rings

and of course 1 high quality backpack

That as far as I can recall was the contents of said missing bag, both sympathy and donations are welcome.

Another Opera Mash up

Posted in music on July 19, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

sitting here fiercely pounding away at the public library due to a continued lack of computer access.

Last saturday was another of the infamous opera mash ups and it was a delightful mess heled at the famous “Churchills Hideaway”  I’ve been promised both pics & video that I will post as soon as I get it (hint hint to my facebook friends) as it was a unique ensamble.

It was a 10 piece band consisting of myself on bass

gregg on guitar in standard tuning

randy guitar and effects in drop c#

maxwell ames (of restless spirits alumni) on drums

billy on miscellanious stuff

3 other guys doing weird things with stuff

josh on the german speak and say and toys

a fantastic flautist who’s name escapes me

jesus fish on d# tuned guitar and keyboards

and at least somebody else.

Shu luckily was also able to make it and she had a great time as well as it is rare as an eclipse that we can get out and away from the kids.  I’d love to really lock in a “core” group of people and really try to develop the potential of the whole Opera Mash Up concept beyond that of “noisy jam band” but I’ll take whatever gigs I can get at this point. 

In other news I’m still uneployed and looking at being $900 bucks shy of bills this month, but the aforementioned Maxwell Ames promised me an old PC to use which will be much appreciated.

Wish me luck Lummoxcateers!

Wow 5ooo + Hits

Posted in rants on July 11, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

Thank all of you so much for reading my blog; I have every intention of getting back to updating it daily, which is complicated due to my PC beiing completely defunct and myself being unemployed.

Not surprisingly what little computer/internet time I have has to be dedicated to my job hunt for the time being, but the good news is that I have 4 recipies and several rants saved up for as soon as I have time to sit comfortably and type away.

I have no intention of “Retiring” my blog I’m just having technical difficulties.

Thank you all for both your loyalty and patience.