Is it August 23rd yet? How about now?

my children are home for summer vacation.

they have already been so abysmally horrible that I have already began the countdown to school resuming.

here is a bit of advice, reproducing is the worst fucking idea you could ever have & I’ll tell you why…

1. your genes aren’t that fucking special, get over yourself jackass

2. your children will certainly become hideous ungrateful monsters

3. overpopulation fuckface

4. the world we are leaving them is a ruined mess with only minutes left on the clock

5. children are sticky and covered in bacteria

8. you will never know a moment’s peace of happiness once they draw their first breath

9. the stupid little shits will probably reproduce (well before you feel like being a grandparemt shitsmear) as well

10. shitsmears

that was my puiblic service message of the day, now go out & get snipped before it’s too late.


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