Kingbiscuitpant’s Imperial Decree: Give “Van Halen III” a Second Chance!

Gregg and I were bemoning the fact that the world desperately needs a new Van Halen album & how the “guitar world” needs to be reminded exactly how amazing Eddie Van Halen’s playing is.

Fashion and band politics aside, I had been hungering for a new Van Halen album and remembered “Van Halen III” which I had lost several years ago and recently was reacquainted with.

People and critics panned the album but Gregg and I both really dug it.  They weren’t trying to be exactly the same as they were with Sammy Hagar, they (like they did when Sammy manned the helm) used the new singer to lead the way to a new sound and a new sensibility allowing Eddie to do some of the most sophisticated and mature playing of his career.

I also had recieved Jeff Beck’s latest release at the same time as VHIII and could not help but to notice the similarities in tone and phrasing betwween the two. 

In any case it is an album worth listening to without predudice and with fresh ears.


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