Why do you never see pet sloths?

Before we get any farther watch this,


Cute aren’t they.   They have claws but don’t seem very dangerous and best of all they only poop once every two weeks!

True fact by the way…

But this being said, youn ever hear of people having pet sloth.  I mean there are loads of jackasses who are into exotic pets like monkeys, large reptiles or even lions but no demand for sloth?

Why nobody got love for the sloth? 

Hell they can’t be dangerous. 

Have you ever heard of anyone suffering a “sloth related” injury?

How much damage could it cause if it escaped?

Sloth on the rampage?  Don’t think so… 

“Run for your lives!!”

“Okay walk for your lives!”

“Ummm…  Stroll, definately stroll as if your lives depended on it.”

I mean if being chased by a rampaging sloth, you could easily stop at a passing ice cream truck for a snack and still easily save yourself from it’s slow motion violence.

And have I mentioned that they only poop once every two weels?

Imagine if you had both a sloth and a ferret.

You could coat the sloth in mayonaise and watch the ferret get all crazy.

Ummmm…  Maybe disregard that last bit.


4 Responses to “Why do you never see pet sloths?”

  1. sushiboy3000 Says:

    i love sloths

  2. William Jeffrey Backus Says:

    That is absolutely hilareous. thankyou for the laugh. and i loves them too

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  4. No, really, I’ve been wondering that myself.

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