Normal Ferret Schenanigans lead to Logan having the Best Line Ever.

 Take a look at that empty little head.

That’s the little source of comedy relief in our household.

A couple of days ago I was helping to get the kids ready for school as our little tube sock of doom was scampering around underfoot; as is his custom in early AM hours.

This particular morning Kira was looking for something in her backpack and amongst the detritus in there the ferret found an opened package of peanut butter crackers and began making “daring raids”, stealing the crackers one by one and “ferreting” them away in some random spot, much to the  amusement of Kira, logan & I.

However, Kira was still looking for “something” and had yet to put on her belt so she had a considerable case of “plumbers butt” which was investigated immediately by a curious ferret; again, much to our mutual amusement.

Logan was Laughing so hard he was turning beet red to which I inquired:

“Logan, what’s so funny?”  Logan, with great difficulty, through his laughing and lack of oxygen, and managed to stammer: “The ferret…   thinks she… has an….   Ass full of crackers….”

Being the paragon of maturity that I am I immediately started laughing as hard as he was.  Kira and even the ferret was laughing too, like we were characters in an 80’s sitcom enjoying a relaxing moment of denoument.


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