Too much self awareness can hinder comedy writing…

I’m well into working on writing the second episode of my sitcom, it isn’t going as smoothly due to a lack of a “proper” meeting with my partner (due to my poverty and vehicular problems at the moment) yet progress continues to be made.

Yesterday, however, I hit a rough patch in the script (that I hope to fix today) due to the fact that I couldn’t quite get a short string of masturbation jokes to go as smoothly as I’d like.  It was sabotaged by the fact that I “realized” that I was spending several hours trying ” to  get a short string of masturbation jokes to go as smoothly as I liked”

The juxtaposition of legitimate effort and purile subject matter struck me with it’s absurdity; so every time I went to work on the joke I started laughing at myself for working on it in the first place.  I was feeling like Sartre writing for South Park.  Yet at the same time I’m serious about doing a quality, funny show and frankly, the masturbation jokes (which happen to be lynchpin of the episode) are still just shy of the high standards I’ve set for myself and I refuse to settle for inferior masturbation jokes, otherwise who would take me seriously?

The fact that the above paragraph was part of a legitimate train of thought only added to the absurdity of the situation and the resulting case of “the giggles”. 

This is the part where I sigh, shake my head and take a second look at the job listings online.


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