Ferrets Like Mayonaise

Good morning Lummoxcateers!

I thought I’d share a vital and life changing fact with you today; ferrets (or at least the furry tube of comic relief that runs around my home) like mayonaise.

I came upon this very important data while making sandwitches this morning while the ferret (of whom I affectionately like to call “Shithead”) was scurrying around my feet and playfully biting at my toes and ankles as is his daily custom when a glob of mayonaise fell and hit him square on top of his empty little head.

At first he was startled (which really is funny enough on it’s own)  but soon after he began his hygenic ministrations he got a taste of  the offending matter in his fur, which soon changed his behavior from grooming to what is best described as a ferret in the throwes of a mayonaise induced fit of ecstasy, as he franticly attempted to enthusiasically consume every molecule of mayo, making good use of the god given flexibility of his species.

Once he was finished, purely for the sake of scientific rigor I asssure you, I put a small dollop of mayonaise in his empty food bowl which he attacked with equal abandon.  As a result of my findings I am comfortable stating that ferrets like mayonaise.

Now I also know what I can do to amuse myself if the cable gets turned off.


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