The “Wishbass” Post

Whenever I’m really procrastinating on the internet, I mean really trying to avoid getting anything done I get sucked into what I call “The Wishbass Vortex”.

What is the Wishbass Vortex?

It is when I obsessively look at and read reviews/articles about instruments made by the infamous Steve Wisheveski.  Take a quick look & I’ll resume explanation.

Those are two of his prettier examples, though admittedly many of his models have had a severe beating with the “ugly stick”.

He is a guy who is really an iconoclast, using lots of salvage woods, and atypical designs, best of all he will make you a 100% handmade bass for $500.00 or less which sounds too good to be true.

Some people agree and some people don’t.  I’ve read everything from love letters to death threats to the guy in regards to his work and probably both parties are right. 

He openly admits that he ships the instruments “unfinished” to save cost and they require “some minor surface sanding”.  He also avoids using truss rods for neck adjustment, and having actually played one of his basses once; doubt that one of his instruments would ever need them.

The necks are thick, massive, more appropriate to have on a upright bass and they feel like they were carved with a penknife, the bridge is a piece of corian held down with string pressure and the bass weighed about the same as a 1968 Volkswagon Beetle… and I loved it.

The only reasons I didn’t buy the bass on the spot was:

One, it was fretted, I’m really a fretless only guy it’s just a thing of mine, maybe the medication will help.

Two, it was a four string; I already have as many 4 string basses as I can justify, including one unfinished parts P-bass and the carcass of my 5 string Kramer that I need to get up and working, therefore I promised that I’d only buy a 5 or 6 string if I was going to drop money on another bass.

Three, I didn’t have the $200.00 bucks on me at the time, or pretty much ever…  Okay I admit that was the deciding factor because I fell in love with the great ugly beast.

They are basses that are definately not for everybody, but definately worth checking out.

To check out more of  Mr. Wishevski’s work go to his site:

To find out more than you ever will ,by any stretch of the imagination, hit this fascinating forum:


4 Responses to “The “Wishbass” Post”

  1. That guy’s work is sick.

    Right now I play a Spector NS-4H2-FM
    I’d love to get into a Modulus (obv)

    or a higher end Spector

    I never fell in love with Fender. Always felt too heavy.

    Not that I’d ever have the $$$ but this dude from Australia makes some pretty sick stuff you should check out.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      you’d probably really dig the carl thompson post a couple of posts back if you dug that. Lately I’ve been all about the “Frankenbass” mostly do to money isssues. One of my favorite bassists is mike watt and he has some great looking hacked SG basses on his website

      filed under “thud stuff”

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  3. Hey! That’s my bass you have there at the top! I had Steve from Wishbass send it to me unfinished, and then I sanded it and applied several coats of Casey gun stock tru-oil finish

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