Song of the Day: Man Raze “Can’t Find My Own Way” (acoustic)

This particular band you almost certainly haven’t heard; however you might have heard of the singer’s other band, Def Leppard. 

Now Def Leppard is a band I always “liked” but I never became a real fan until I rediscovered them around the age of 34 and really noticed their musicanship (yes, most of the lyrics are still rubbish but read the libretto of an opera if you know the language and you’ll notice it’s not a new issue) and listened to the band with new ears.  The “Classic Albums” series was the catharsis for this.

Now Man Raze is not Def Leppard, it’s stripped down (hell so stripped down in this clip the drummer is using a cardboard box) tight and features Phil Collin (Def Leppard’s longtime surviving guitarist who somehow looks better now than in the 80’s-bastard) on lead vocals. 

I picked the song “Can’t Find My Own Way” for its reggae feel, which is an anathama to Def Leppard; it makes me imagine a young Phil Collin (who almost ended up in Iron Maiden by the way) at a “Two -Tone” Ska show in his teens, the math would be right at least.

Oh, and Scott this is a post 2000 song.

Enjoy, & tell me what you think.


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