Due Entirely to Greggs Efforts… Mr. Shitworthy 2.0

As ome of you might have remembered a while back one of the stupid cats broke a recently finished bass, at long last it is finally back in action due to Gregg’s expertise and the fact that I had an empty metal container of  olive oil which I washed out thuroughly to use as the pickguard.

During a lull in the repair process I dozed off for a while, which he greatly appreciated since it kept me out of his way.

As always, thanks a million dude

Here is the rest of the family.


The first Generation Mr. Shitworthy.


His unfortunate demize at the hands of my jajuar-sized-hellbeasts.


And so is the tale of Mr. Shitworthy.


2 Responses to “Due Entirely to Greggs Efforts… Mr. Shitworthy 2.0”

  1. gasstationdave Says:

    Custom! nice!

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      thanks. I don’t know If you clicked on the links and read it’s story but I’m delighted to have it up and running; in fact I get to cristen it at a gig on the 30th filling in for a friend’s band.

      dig your blog by the way

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