song of the day Mike Watt, “chinese firedrill” & “Piss Bottle Man” featuring Eddie Vedder & Dave Grohl

It’s a 2 for 1 today!  These 2 songs are both off of an album that explains EXACTLY why the 90’s were much cooler than the 21st century; that album was “Ball hog or Tugboat” 1995.

Watt referres it to his “wrestling” album where he “gets in the ring” with a delightful array of the best musicians of the day.  The album features everyone from Evan Dando to Frank Black, from Henry Tollins to J Mascis.  It’s an alternative music fan’s wet dream.

The performance is live with the Maestro Mr. Watt on vocals.


Here is how the songs sounded on the album, “”Chinese Firedrill “with vocals by frank black.

And the inimitable “piss bottle man” featuring evan dando.

Hope you guys like, a real post soon, now I’m off to buy crap for the kids Science Projects.


8 Responses to “song of the day Mike Watt, “chinese firedrill” & “Piss Bottle Man” featuring Eddie Vedder & Dave Grohl”

  1. c’mon now….don’t be an old man. There is an insane amount of good music these days. I’d venture to say it’s waay better than the 90’s due to everybody being able to self publish music.

    Please check out:

    Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
    Marnie Stern
    Andrew Bird
    The Radio Dept.
    The Whitest Boy Alive
    Passion Pit
    Of Montreal
    Hot Chip
    Department of Eagles
    El Guincho
    The Evens
    The Dodos
    Explosions in the Sky
    British Sea Power
    The Dears
    Fever Ray
    The Knife
    Animal Collective
    The XX
    Owen Pallet
    The Dirty Projectors
    Company of Thieves
    The National
    The Raveonettes

    ….just to name a very few

    The Antlers

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      i’ll check some of them out amd if i am swayed I shall recant. thanks. You still have to admit it’s a great performance.

      • Oh it’s a great performance!

        just don’t want you to become one of those bitter old dudes who think everything new sucks 😉

        “Back in my day we wrote songs about pissin in bottles and it was awesome….now it’s all emo vampires sucking cock”

      • kingbiscuitpants Says:

        I don’t think that everything new sucks. I just think that overall from what I’ve seen inthe past few years has been shitty overall. I actually read your list closely and I’m farmilliar with about half of those band and think that they are decent. And hell decent, is a success but I dont think it better, the other half I have to hear before I have an opinion.

        My Favorite newer band is Coheed & Cambria but I know they started last century. John frusciante has done his best work in this century most certainly, and I really Love the british Neo Soul movement, but that’s entirely because it sounds like stuff I heard recorded in the 60’s.

        I’m also eagerly wanting to get my hands on the new Gorillaz LP, and I actively look for new stuff. Maybe It’s because I’ve accidentily become iconic in the noise rock movement by not trying very hard, and maybe i’ve just gotten pickyer through the years

      • I recommend the Marnie Stern stuff


        Passion Pit

        of Montreal

      • kingbiscuitpants Says:

        three solid ones, i was akready aware of passion pit and MGMT but I really dug marnie stern, I’m still processing my answer.

      • This has been my favorite new band for a while…absolutely LOVE these guys
        like some magical mix between Jesus & Mary Chain + Joy Division + My Bloody Valentine + Pet Shop Boys.

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Radio Dept I really like quite a bit, however, the reason I like them is because they sound exactly like rather good vintage 80’s “alternative”. I guess there hasn’t been an agreed upon 21st century sound (if there is It might be Justin Bieber but I’ve been traumatized by my daughter’s insistance on exposing me to the obnoxious little shit–I never thought I’d miss drake bell but I digress). \

    I have been really thinking about it and I will admit that this century so far has made it easy to find good music IF YOU ACTUALLY LOOK FOR IT but I haven’t decided my critical opinion for 2000-2010, but I admit the new technology has even helped my shitty ass music career.

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