Song Of the day: John Frusciante “..Glued to a Building on Fire”

From niandra Lades and usually just a t-shirt album, this song in it’s original form is a heartbreaking mess, like most of the rest of the album. 

The appeal of that album however, is that in all that drug induced mess and confusion there were these rare moments of beauty and clarity.  The sheer and utter fearlessness of the album really made me rexamine my entire approach to my instrument as well as John being one of the primary artists who inspired me to start to sing.

The version I’m linking is from a live performance of RHCP after John was clean.  There is a certain “nakedness” to this performance (not the usual nakedness that they’re notorious for) an emotional frailty.  It’s a a weird song but I have a special fondness for it and it’s “my song of the day”.

Now I go and make tuna melts for the family…


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