My Father was a black coffee man…

My Father was a black coffee man… My father drank his coffee black, no milk, never sugar and preferably with a cigarette as accompaniment. He drank his coffee copiously, unapologetically and regardless of time. It sort of sums up the kind of “no nonsense” guy he was.

Even when I worked with him landscaping we’d stop by the local convenience store, I’d want to lock myself in the freezer and mainline Gatorade, while he’d be drinking the piping hot, sludge like coffee that was always there, while chatting with his friends there who were playing the poker machines.

My father drank cheap coffee and smoked even cheaper cigarettes. I swear I clearly remember seeing him grab from a soft pack (he always bought the soft packs) that was nothing but a white package adorned only with the word “CIGARETTES” in a block typeface. He was a simple man who had no use for “brand” or artifice, he NEEDED his coffee and cigarettes but he cut every corner he could to help keep us above water, which was often an uphill struggle.

Again I remember these things and of course, miss him, especially since every day that passes my own experience as a father lets me understand him more. He was far from a perfect man, almost as fatally flawed as I, but god damn did he try. I just wish he lived long enough for me to show exactly how much I understand what he went through. It’s not like we had unfinished business when he died; he just deserved a few more pats on the back before he was gone.


7 Responses to “My Father was a black coffee man…”

  1. We had similar dads it seems. For the 9 years we lived on the farm, I can remember dad on the tractor, 95 degrees out, with a thermos full of hot coffee and a pack of winstons.

    Mine died in 97. I miss that dude.

  2. May he rest in peace

  3. not a day goes by where i don’t think of my dad. he was a cool dude. funny as hell. 20 years in the navy helped that i’m sure. i was pretty lucky to have him for 27 years of my life.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      yeah, I’ve whined about it in several posts but the main thing I always think is that my kids have missed out on knowing my father and grandfather & even my late cousin.

      I grew up very lucky to have 3 really strong and committed male role models while my kids just have me and their biological father.

      Not to put their bio dad down but my father and grandfather were always Titans in my eye, even when we didn’t get along, I just wish they could have benifitted from their influence. other than that I have a clean concence with my father’s passing and I know he died proud of me.

      I don’t necissarily think I deserved it, but I know i had it. So I try to honor him where i can

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