Good News About Sitcom and a Pat on the Back for Jessica

Job news is still more bleak & hopless than an emo haircut, however, good news towards the filming of the sitcom pilot has come in.

We officially have a reliable, cheap-ass location to shoot in!

Let me very publicly pat Jessica on the back for single handedly securing the location to film our sitcom pilot. 

Insert stock footage of a clapping audience; preferably in a sepiatone.

We have now tackled one of  the primary hurdles towards making this set of bad ideas a reality.

As soon as circumstances allow I’ll head out there to take photos & figure out what set pieces are needed, then do the storyboards so the shoot will go off quickly enough to possibly squeeze in filming a second episode (which I’m currently working on) in the same day.

Wish me luck & I’ll keep you all informed!


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