Paas Pep Talk

Been running around shopping, which always will instantly exhaust me; but 5 stops later we have all the crap we need for easter.

I just finished the collard green/kashi/leek/elephant garlic stuffing and am letting it cool, while I psych myself up for deboning a leg of lamb and preparing it to marinate overnight in red wine, black berry and garlic which will be the medium that the lamb will braise in for several hours tomorrow.  I’m also going to roast marrow bones and yams (separately) and have some sauteed mixed vegetables on the side.   Since the children will certainly be binging on easter chocolates until “I” need insulin; I won’t be bothering with dessert.

One of the reasons I am so devoted to Shu is that I have no need to involve myself in anything involving an easter egg hunt, without penalty.   Bless her heart, and the rest of her too, because while I do really consider myself a dedicated father, but those sorts of  “family activities”–especially when other people’s families, and their sticky, bacteria-laden children are involved, are a vision of hell to me.


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