Who has 2 thumbs and can’t hold a job? This Guy!!!

I am yet again unemployed.

I made the fatal error of leaving over $600.00 worth of meat in the heater overnight, because I mistakingly assumed my colleauge put it away.  Assumptions aside it overwhelmingly was my own stupid fault, and I have absolutely no malice towards my former employer, just guilt and embarassment.

So as I wipe away the tears and type this with shaky hands (yes I am kidding in that line, I’m a dumbass not a sissy– big difference) I very legitimately curse the fact that I don’t have the unemployment website set to my “favorites” on my browser.

Right now I just need to ease myself down from the nihilistic rage I am feeling so I can calmly start looking for work again. 

The sad thing really is that I really was trying my best at that job.  I worked hard, I was punctual, professional… 

It’s just sinking in now that I am an essentially incompetent person.  It’s hard to have illusions or denial anymore.

It’s just the stone cold fact that I seem to be an unemployable moron; evidence is evidence, it’s not like you can argue facts.

Maybe I took to many shots to the head as a bouncer and it’s left me a little retarded—the sad thing is that thought is giving me a touch of comfort right now, and my comforts are few at the moment.

So now at least I know what it is to be an incompetent and know it.  Not an experience that was high on my list but has provided a degree of enlightenment just the same.

There is Satori even in the depths of shame.

Yet again, Lummoxcateers…  Wish me luck, I have a family to feed…


9 Responses to “Who has 2 thumbs and can’t hold a job? This Guy!!!”

  1. Whoa, making a mistake does not mean you’re incompetent…. you messed up, move on. I’m sure you know this and are just in the throes of self pity and frustration. Learning opportunity. Be well.

  2. I’m with Grace – every employed person on the planet has made a gigantic boner (as they used to call them . . . ) at some point in their career – sometimes you get a nasty memo in your file, sometimes you end up out of a job.
    I’m a little surprised you got canned for that – it’s not like you stole it, I’d have just taken it out of your next check. But then I’m not in charge.
    As a good friend of mine said: Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.
    Be the windshield tomorrow.

  3. lol, yep, I figured as much. Blog therapy is always good with a side of succotash. Add this to Delianeal’s “windshied/bug” analogy: Life gave you lemons, darlin, make lemonade. Although i personally am not above squeezing the juice in someone’s eyes.

  4. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Thank you both so much

  5. dude…sorry to hear it, bigtime. i know how much you loved it there. something will come up. hang tough…the new kids on the block did, so can you.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      thanks dude appreciate it. I was a dumbass I paid the price. buisness is buisness. on the upside I’m about 1 page away ffrom being finished with my sitcom pilot and I have a job interview at 2pm wish me luck & thaks again.

  6. If it makes you feel any better, I heart you Dom. 😀

    ((((( internet hug ))))))

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