So here’s today’s plan…

I’m not letting my recent unenployment get me down, I already have a job interview at 2pm today, if I don’t get that I’ll immediately apply for unemployment upon getting home. 

In any case Lucas as my witness I will finish the script for the sitcom pilot, by hook or by crook, then work on getting this place cleaned up. 

This is going to be the “positive, take charge, get things done!” kind of unenployment, not the wallow and drown in and endless lake of depression like last time.

I will be “manning up” and making the most of the time, if I end up having it, or the opportunities regardless where I find them.

And no, this isn’t an “April Fools” joke, I despise that kind of thing.

Wish me luck Lummoxcateers!


One Response to “So here’s today’s plan…”

  1. just make sure you clean the house. it’ll make mama proud and happy.

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