Just one more scene… Really

I sit here scratching at my freshly shorn pate.

Had a great time shooting the big, final climatic fight scene for that movie I’ve been working on intermittantly for the past year or so.

Not surprisingly I’m sore from flinging my friend Harrison around for several hours, there was a scene we blocked out where my character is charging full speed at his nemisis that I dubbed: “When fatty is running for his pie shake”

The funniest thing as each part of the scene progressed, my costume destructed with, more & more apparent enthusiasm.  The only scene left to film is my character speaking with a fellow assassin…  I can only imagine that duct tape once again wil be my savior.

Another good development is that my colleagues at Longshot Entertainment have signed on to help production of the sitcom that Jessica & I have in development.  

Things are looking up!

I do still ,however, need massive amounts fo therapy and possibly medication, but things are looking up nonetheless.


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