Of Mice & Men & Protocol Droids & Astromechs

Another vital in site into historical philosophy within the Star Wars universe. While I was working on a transition on my sitcom plot, unbidden from the depths of my mind came this sentence: “Aren’t R2D2 and CP0 the Benny & George (from “OF Mice & Men”) of the Star Wars universe?”

Quite obviously any other thought was sidetracked and I IMMEDIATELY called Gregg and began to open up the rhetorical dialog; namely because he is the only other human being I know of with the same knowledge of both the book & Star Wars from a literary perspective. Not surprisingly, he immediately pointed out that, “Yes, I was a blithering idiot, however I did have a few legitimate points”.

Now assuming you count the “Prequels” as cannon and especially if you are a fan of Keith Martin’s fantastic bit of fan logic: https://kingbiscuitpants.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/a-brilliant-bit-of-historical-anayalisis-by-keith-martin-a-new-sith-or-revenge-of-the-hope-reconsidering-star-wars-iv-in-the-light-of-i-iii/ R2-D2 is completely aware that C-3P0 was constructed by a 10 year old with emotional problems who managed to have saved his ass the first time he was unfortunate enough to crash on Tattooine; so he feels a certain amount of debt and loyalty towards the kid and his awkward creation; then after the kid goes from colleague to enemy, taking care of the burden of a lumbering, partially brain wiped shiny liability; as he attempts to continue working as a data mule for the burgeoning Rebel Alliance.

But as far as R2’s daily routine goes, he pretty much is dragging around a shiny autistic with polyglot verbal skills. R2 routinely has to do everything from direct him to where he’s going, to frequently reassembling the clumsy twit, and that’s not even taking into account all of the inane prattle, cowardly behavior and generally irritating personality that C3P0 has.

Certainly C3P0’s awkward and annoying behavior has distracted various species as R2 does his “trash bin James Bond” bit, think of the countless hours of inane prattle he has to endure. In the end this is one of the values that Star Wars teaches us, namely that “family is family” no matter how evil or annoying or prone to amputation of your extremities, at the end of the day midichlorians are thicker than water.


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