Chris Evans: Just too “Douchey” for Captain America

Chris Evans is a great Johnny Storm, a rash , pretty, impetuous character that is one of Marvel comics best jerk/heroes; but as Captain America?  No I just don’t see it.

I mean Captain America is a character that really carries enormous weight and baggage both in the Marvel Universe and American culture.  He is the patriarch, the moral compass of all things Marvel.  Even in the grittiest modern portrayals of him have that core of a humble, almost pious patriotism and a very old fashioned, almost biblical sense of right and wrong.   The character represents the idea of the “ultimate” American, a sickly scrawny man just out of his teens who voluntarily signs up for a risky experiment just so he can serve as a soldger in the us military during WWII; not to become a super hero but to serve his country. 

Regardless the writer, that is the core, the essence of the character and while true to fact a soldger has to do much that might be considered morally ambiguous in any combat theater; the 1940’s style faith in his country is what gives him the confidence in what he does.

Even when Captain America has been at odds with his country’s government, it’s that sincere and unwavering true patriotism that always makes this character put his country before himself, regardless the personal sacrifice. 

Unless Mr. Evans has a depth of talent that I have never seen or suspected (which I sincerely hope he has if he is really going to play the “Cap”) I just can’t imagine him not looking like yet another South Beach hipster with an $80.00 trucker cap and an “Ed Hardy” t-shirt. 

I still feel very firmly that John Barrowman is the only guy who can really pull off the part.  If you’ve seen him in Torchwood you can see the acting chops, he has the look to pull it off ; hell he even has the Jack Kirby cleft chin.  Of course, he being an openly gay man ,no studio would have the balls to cast him, which really is a tragedy. 

I know I sound like another internet troll in a pissing contest, I just really, really want this movie to be good if it gets made since Captain America has been my favorite Marvel character since my late grandfather bought me my first issue at the corner store and read it to me on his lap when I was 4 years old.  It is a caracter that regardless your politics represents this country at it’s best, most idealistic and mostly lost values; I just want it treated correctly.


4 Responses to “Chris Evans: Just too “Douchey” for Captain America”

  1. Eric Limarenko Says:

    Finally a comic book conversation:

    First off the only way these Marvel films are going to be able to evolve past the gritty realistic style of the new DC flicks are to cast unknowns. You could argue the Iron Man success of Robert Downey Jr , but that guy can do no wrong in the cinema world – so there you go. IMHO Tobey Maguire was a complete failure at playing Spider-man, it should have been Topher Grace from the start. I only hope when they reboot the franchise they go with an unknown who actually can play a scrawny Peter Parker and pull off the wit of Spider-man. As far a Captain America goes it is essential the pubic is introduced to a character without any baggage. Cap’s role in the Marvel Universe is that of Superman. Chris Evans does not have the presence of Captain America. It is going to be hard enough to convince me Cap will work on the big screen. They are going to have use the “ultimate” version for sure. The fucking studios keep going to the same pool of actors for these roles. We’ve already seen Evans as Johnny Storm AND he’ll be in The Losers AND Scott Pilgrim… comic book fans will their fill of Chris. It’s just like Ryan Reynolds doing Blade Trinity, playing Deadpool and Hal Jordan. I DO think Reynolds is the perfect Deadpool but it kills the suspension of disbelief when I seen him as Green Lantern. OK OK ….so I am a comic geek that is way to worked up over this issue but I think Hollywood hurts the comic industry by watering down the stories, casting piss poor actors and disrespecting the original intent of the comic creators and artists.

    nice blog.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      thanks a lot eric I appreciate it, by the way what are your feelings on my barrowman opinion ? though I know he’s not that popular in the US outside of broadway.

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    i also really think a “saving private ryan” type of action and cinematography would work with The Cap, but it definately has to have the entire first movie (you know the studios’ hard on for trilogys) has to be WWII that is so essential to the character, and while ultimates is far from perfect I do think there is still that touch of 40’s style sincerety in the character, this guy who looks perpetually 25 but is in his 80’s lost in the 21st century world. my favorite moment of this ever is when he finds giant man in a bar and forces him to “get big” so he can kick his ass for beating his wife. That scene reminded me of my grandfather who once beat one of his sister’s husbands to within an inch of his life for hitting her.

  3. Great read. I’m not the biggest comic book fan but I do agree that I can’t really see Chris Evans as Captain America. I like the John Barrowman idea, he was on Desperate Housewives the other night and he definitely has the look and the acting ability to pull it off. Too bad Evans has already accepted the role.

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