“cereal song” by john frusciante and bob forest

A few years back they collaborated on a heartbreakingly beautiful album called “The Bicycle Theif”; which listening to is an experience up there with breathing to me. 

Right here, right now this particular song is exactly how I’m feeling at the moment I hope you all enjoy it though it is very sad.


To cheer you up here is a happier one by bob forest “Max, Jill called”


Goodnight everybody.   I hope I can actually sleep tonight… I have a bunch of stuff I really need to work on before work tomorrow.


2 Responses to ““cereal song” by john frusciante and bob forest”

  1. anozisamyth Says:

    Thanks for sharing the tunes, though I’m sorry you’re sad. I enjoyed them; sounds unique.

    Hope you did get some sleep.

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Thanks I got some sleep about to take a quick post blog nap, make dinner then type my sitcom pilot before work (i work nights)

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