Old Betsy is Back, we Finally have the PC fixed: Thanks Gregg

At long last I have our home PC back, running the slow but steady, Windows NT 2000 (which I will say is the only reliable version of windows ever made) so the ever suffering charles gets his laptop back full time. 

Yet another set of thanks to Gregg for fixing our beleagured beast, so now I can really crack down on writing my novel and sitcom.

When I get a chance I’ll be experimenting with tossing Linux on here so I can continue to squeeze every drop of money we dropped into the machine about 5 years ago and I’m sure that will lead to either a few humorous frustrated posts, or (worst case scenario) a conspicuous lack thereof.


3 Responses to “Old Betsy is Back, we Finally have the PC fixed: Thanks Gregg”

  1. Windows 7 is actually very good after the Vista Fiasco

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      I’m sure you can understand my apprehension; Windows is the equivalant of a sex offender working as a bathroom attendant in a kindergarten.

  2. But Kudos Gregg….I bet he didn’t even use any ducktape

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