Sitcom or bust… if I detailed it more I’d give it away

In about 2 hours my good friend jessica is swinging by to collaborate on a script for a pilot for a sitcom based upon when we were both working in the nightclub industry.   Any details more than that would give too much away from the super secret project that we’re working on as an attempt to abandon real jobs, but I know I can trust my lummoxcateers.

Frankly I’ve thought it out and if we can work out a few plot wrinkles this is actually very doable and in fact the hard part will be making a 25 minute pilot instead of a 3 hour retarded epic.  As I see it the only hard part will be the condensation of the exposition of the 2 main characters so we can get to the jokes.

I know this seems like the next stupid idea from a guy who readily admits to mental illness but this is really very do-able.  The only hard part really, is getting that 25 minutes written, the filming really won’t be hard at all.  Who knows, this actually might work out and get me my 15 minutes of fame.  Or it will be a waste of time.

Also it would be noteworthy in that I’d be the ugliest guy on television since Abe Vigoda had his spinoff series “Fish”; other than “Pawn Stars” but they’re more just plain fat than ugly.

However it will be fun, productive and if nothing else a handful of amusing Youtube videos.

Send best wishes & pep talks I need them.



P.S. Joan Jett’s “Cherrybomb” just started playing on the radio and that has to be a good omen.


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