heartwarming pet story

Well no, not really…  Not for quite a while actually.

I was just enjoying a fellow blogger’s charming tale about one of her neurotic housepets, “oohing” and “awwing” at the appriopriate moments and generally enjoying the tale.  I then look over at one of my familiy’s cats.

We gaze at one another with languid apathy.   I’m not sure in this darkened room which one it is, I frankly don’t care as they are all essentially interchangeable to me.  My eyes scan the path of damage that led it to chair a foot or so away from me.  I look into his unapologetic feline eyes, there is neither affection or intelligence reflected in them.

“Asshole…” I mutter under my breath as I return to the computer and he returns to licking where his balls used to be.

I’ve had much beloved pets through the years, cats included, I’ve stated this many times, yet I can muster no affection for these cats no mater how I try.  The kids laugh in delight as one chases a bottle cap across the floor, I watch in horror as it knocks 3 dining room chairs over in the process. My family & I are definately seeing 2 different sides of the same coin here.

I find myself wondering yet again: have I become so bitter and callous that there is no place in my heart left for pets; or are the ones I have merely assholes?  The world may never know…  Or more likely never care.


2 Responses to “heartwarming pet story”

  1. Squirt guns help.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      I’ve tried squirt guns, rocks, arrows, and everything short of .38 caliber nothing… they are protected by the hellfires that fill them like they fill every available basin with feces. but thanks for the suggestion… maybe a firehose… I tried chasing them around peeing on them but that was both messy and unreliable…lol…

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