but dammit, I don’t want to buy a new phone…

Later on today when I summon the energy (and assuming I can stay out of the bathroom long enough–I had the hubris to attempt to eat  solid food) I have to drive down to the MetroPCS store and buy a new phone.  The phone I have has served me nobly for a remarkable 7 years so I can’t say I didn’t get my money’s worth, but the timing is lousy as I just lost 3 days of work from a stomach virus concocted in the depths of hell itself.

Also I actually liked my phone, before it’s recent decline it satisfied all my needs, now sadly, it’s about as reliable as a condom fished out of a porqupine’s pocket so I no longer have a choice.

I have some random phone that someone found and gave us that I’ll see if I can get the charger & get it going on the cheap, but Murphy’s law would dictate it unavailable.  In any case It’ll get me out of the house a bit and possibly clear my head some.

Wish me luck.


One Response to “but dammit, I don’t want to buy a new phone…”

  1. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    for those curious I ended up buyign a samsung SCH-r350 I like it, simple camera, keyboard a few other little useful treats I intend to pick up a case for it after my midmorning nap,

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