Intarweb stuff I love : Achewood

This is already a very well known webcomic, it’s won Time magazine’s Graphic Novel of the Year for “The Great Outdoor Fight” and had been lauded by dozens of people with actual qualifications other than calling themselves Kingbiscuitpants. The artwork is crude (which is almost a federal rule for webcomics I think) and I admit it is a bit of an acquired taste.

But let me tell you, I check this site daily like a junkie waiting for a fix.

I won’t bog you down with the details, I’ll let wikipedia do that,

I won’t list it’s accolades either (wikipedia did that for me to thanks guys) but I will tell you that once you get into the strip & it’s perfectly constructed and brilliant alternative logic, you’ll be like me checking it before your email or blog stats–regardless how important a message you’re waiting for.  Hell, Gregg & I even wrote a song based on a throw away line from the strip, which we really need to get around to recording.

As for getting into the strip there is an area called “Jump to Story Arc” that’s the best place to start’; but be warned you might be spending the next 6 hours reading the strip from the frame one.

Check it out it’s cooler than you’ll ever be


One Response to “Intarweb stuff I love : Achewood”

  1. Achewood is brilliant! You’re right that the artwork is crude at most times (with notable exceptions like the first cartilage head storyline), but Chris compensates pretty well with great design and layout. Not to mention his AWESOME WRITING ofc.

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