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So here’s today’s plan…

Posted in failure on March 31, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

I’m not letting my recent unenployment get me down, I already have a job interview at 2pm today, if I don’t get that I’ll immediately apply for unemployment upon getting home. 

In any case Lucas as my witness I will finish the script for the sitcom pilot, by hook or by crook, then work on getting this place cleaned up. 

This is going to be the “positive, take charge, get things done!” kind of unenployment, not the wallow and drown in and endless lake of depression like last time.

I will be “manning up” and making the most of the time, if I end up having it, or the opportunities regardless where I find them.

And no, this isn’t an “April Fools” joke, I despise that kind of thing.

Wish me luck Lummoxcateers!


Who has 2 thumbs and can’t hold a job? This Guy!!!

Posted in failure on March 31, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

I am yet again unemployed.

I made the fatal error of leaving over $600.00 worth of meat in the heater overnight, because I mistakingly assumed my colleauge put it away.  Assumptions aside it overwhelmingly was my own stupid fault, and I have absolutely no malice towards my former employer, just guilt and embarassment.

So as I wipe away the tears and type this with shaky hands (yes I am kidding in that line, I’m a dumbass not a sissy– big difference) I very legitimately curse the fact that I don’t have the unemployment website set to my “favorites” on my browser.

Right now I just need to ease myself down from the nihilistic rage I am feeling so I can calmly start looking for work again. 

The sad thing really is that I really was trying my best at that job.  I worked hard, I was punctual, professional… 

It’s just sinking in now that I am an essentially incompetent person.  It’s hard to have illusions or denial anymore.

It’s just the stone cold fact that I seem to be an unemployable moron; evidence is evidence, it’s not like you can argue facts.

Maybe I took to many shots to the head as a bouncer and it’s left me a little retarded—the sad thing is that thought is giving me a touch of comfort right now, and my comforts are few at the moment.

So now at least I know what it is to be an incompetent and know it.  Not an experience that was high on my list but has provided a degree of enlightenment just the same.

There is Satori even in the depths of shame.

Yet again, Lummoxcateers…  Wish me luck, I have a family to feed…

Dom’s Absolutely No Suffering Succotash

Posted in Food on March 30, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

This is a ridiculously quick, easy, nutritious and cheap side dish; It is also very flexible, you can use fresh or canned corn or Lima beans, it’s a great way to use up leftover corn on the cob (cooked or not) and best of all only dirty s one pot.


3 tablespoons olive oil (or butter),

1 diced medium onion

Half a pound or so Lima beans,

1 1/2 cups of stock (any kind will do)

1 pound or so of corn kernels,

tablespoon of Worcestershire,

teaspoon of Black Pepper,

salt to taste

2 tablespoons Mojo,

teaspoon of paprika,

Very simple. Heat up oil, throw in onions, give them a couple of minutes, toss in Worcestershire, wait another couple of minutes, throw in the stock and beans. Allow this to come to a boil, add the rest of the seasonings and corn, allow to come back to a boil. Simmer down until it thickens a bit. That’s it.

Quick, delicious, nutritious and cheap.

Rolling around in bitter nostalgia: an old Jahfe clip

Posted in failure, music on March 29, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

What’t to say, I was thin, I had hair, I had a band that was going somewhere.


Stumbled across this while working on something else thought I’d post it…  If you like it I’ll do more when it’s conveient.


Things I love from teh intarweb: Topless Robot, Crazy Nerd Theories

Posted in art on March 29, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants is one of my favorite websites for ebtertainment & general geekery & I very often check it as part of my routine of procrastinations. 

Today I stumbled across & wasted/invested 2 hours of my life reading a list of  “crazy nerd theories” submitted by readers & frankly it’s the most engrossing thing I’ve been sucked into in ages, check it out!

Just one more scene… Really

Posted in rants on March 28, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

I sit here scratching at my freshly shorn pate.

Had a great time shooting the big, final climatic fight scene for that movie I’ve been working on intermittantly for the past year or so.

Not surprisingly I’m sore from flinging my friend Harrison around for several hours, there was a scene we blocked out where my character is charging full speed at his nemisis that I dubbed: “When fatty is running for his pie shake”

The funniest thing as each part of the scene progressed, my costume destructed with, more & more apparent enthusiasm.  The only scene left to film is my character speaking with a fellow assassin…  I can only imagine that duct tape once again wil be my savior.

Another good development is that my colleagues at Longshot Entertainment have signed on to help production of the sitcom that Jessica & I have in development.  

Things are looking up!

I do still ,however, need massive amounts fo therapy and possibly medication, but things are looking up nonetheless.

Admit it then release… Things you selfishly want but do not NEED.

Posted in rants on March 26, 2010 by kingbiscuitpants

I have always had an attraction toward Buddism, even though in practice at best I’m a shitty Buddist, however, one of my favorite concepts in buddism is freedom from attatchment & the wanting of materal possessions. 

In order to “exorcise” this fixation to a degree, I decided to post my list of things I selfishly want but no not NEED.  I’m doing this to let go of and laugh at the fixation and encourage my Lummoxcateers to do the same since confession is good for the soul.

This is this is something that is silly; but to type it, and to post it, is to release it.  I freeely admit due to my upbringing I feel uncomfortable listing this so boldly,  since my money rightly goes to my family and supporting us… but I’ve been daydreaming for a while… 

a new bass amp/head/ speakers (Ideally with 2 4x 12 speaker cabinets  and around 2000 watts)
a fretless 6 string bass
5 string alumitone bass pickups
a HD video camera
video editing equipment
audio studio equipment & a computer dedicated exclusively to that
a gibson SG bass modifyed to be like mike watt’s main stage basses (
a laptop or netbook of my own
the fender Steve Harris signiture bass
several weapons from cold steel and Angel Swords Armory
a refurbished handspring visor (really) or apple newton
a vintage “GoTYpe” keyboard to go with the Visor
a nice digital camera
a wacom cinique (the big one of course)
satillite radio setup for home & car
a memory card to turn my phone into a MP3 player
a nice flash drive (which I actually can argue I need)
a green lantern logo shirt
a green lantern ring
upgrade pickups for my squier strat (which I never play since I’m a bass player)
a set of seymour duncan “quarter pound” P-bass pickups for an unfinished project
a sit of hipshot ultra light tuners for said unfinished project
a neck position 4 string jass bass pickup to upgrade my primary bass
a few “really nice padded bass straps”
2 spare electronic guitar tuners, by dean markley–i really like those
a brass knuckle handle “trench knife”
a sykes/fairborne commando knife
a vintage gurka kurkri
a new drawing desk (0r room for the desk I own)
an old laptop on a network so I can surf the web while I poop or am hiding from the children in my room
more brush pens
a captain america replica shield to hang on my wall
lots of sculpty & wire
a case of suntory wiskey
a copy of “Royal Tennanbaums”
3 or 4 comic long boxes filled with random comics purchased blind for a great price