And now exhale… We made it to our tax return.

This is a sigh of relief long in the waiting.  Our tax returns were deposited in our account yesterday and we just paid off all our credit cards and will be paying back some money we borrowed within the week.  The relief is palpable since this has been a rough year employment-wise and a near constant struggle to both eat (ok, looking at me eating obviously happens) and keep our apartment.   So now we have caught up so we can move forward with at least one albatross missing from our neck.

Hopefully the remainder of 2010 will have no grand financial dramas and neither Shu or I will have to pound the pavement once more to find work.  I have a few things that I’m working on getting going on the side that will make a little extra since I’m not quite earning enough but only a fool jumps ship with no land in sight.

So all in all, my loyal and beloved Lummoxcateers I raise my glass and toast you all with wishes of financial solvency, or at least the extra scratch to buy yourself something stupid and unessicary.



2 Responses to “And now exhale… We made it to our tax return.”

  1. oh how funny – my last post was title “now breathe. . ” and I talked about taxes a little. Only we owe this year Pbhpfpfpfpfpfpft!

    what a great feeling to have a chunk of change to get rid of some of that debt!

    Perhaps you’ve turned a corner (don’t want to jinx it!) what with having a REAL job (at Nicko’s place, no less – he tweeted about it!) and feeling like you and Shu can relax just a tad!

    congrats – I’ll raise a cup of tea with you!

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