Sleep & Me: Lack of & Excess

It’s 6 am I should be sleeping, it is one of my treasured days off where I don’t have to wake at 5 to take care of kid related bullshit, but I’m here typing because I thought that a slice of anchovy pizza and a bowl of baked beans were a great dinner decision and well…  Let’s say it’s causing me to be awake and leave it at that.

In general sleep & I have never quite gotten along.  From the time I was 10 years old I’ve had insomnia so it gave me more time to read to precocious levels and work on being perpetually bitter.   Working all sorts of crazy hours through the years just added  to the problem so now my internal clock is about as reliable as a watch bought for less than 5 bucks at the flea market and left in the care of a toddler.  This morning in fact I passed out in front of my computer without warning from 10:40 am to 1pm, screwing up my plans for the day entirely.

So now I’m here hoping to be able to get back to sleep (but likely won’t) trying not to wake anybody up (already have), and just hoping I’ll actually be able to get some things done Saturday, which it already is.  Since teh Intarweb is the denizen of insomniacs I’m sure there is some Mountain Dew fueled sympathy out there; but they are probably too busy browsing “Furry” pics on 4Chan to “make fun of” to take care of me.

Don’t worry my loyal Lummoxcateers, I’ll be fine or at least no worse than usual.


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