Missing that “One Crucial Part”

At the moment I’ve been wanting to do a few things and have been kept back by lacking that ”one crucial part” or piece of equipment that is vital to the task.  It’s rather frustrating, I’ve decided upon a few specific goals that are on a holding pattern because I don’t quite have the right equipment.  However, it is a fine line between necessity & excuse.

For example, while I am compliling notes for my long threatened book, the vital lacking component is a working computer of my own, since I can’t with clean concience dominate my son’s laptop any more than I do.  I intend to drop a new hard drive on the family PC and just run Linux on it and do all the work in Open Office, but the cash isn’t quite there yet.  Probably a high road estimate would be $200.00 soup to nuts.

I also have some ideas for a music project that I need to work on & record, but guess what? No recording stuff.  I’m thinking of picking up one of those all-in-ine Zoom portable recorder/studio but again no cash.  Since the computer is the prioritized purchase I’ll surely look into some Linux solutions but I’m sure that after I look into the interface stuff, I’ll end up picking up the Zoom which is around $200.00 again.

I also could use a decent preamp for both gigging and recording, yadda, yadda, $279.00 for the one I picked out.

I want to fix/finish my 5 string bass and the pickup alone is $100.00, if I replace the bridge (I really hate the bridge it came with and want to replace it with a Badass V) another hundred or so.  And that’s not including the miscellanious knobs & such.  Poop…

For most of my illustration projects (one of which I’ll be a good little boy and get started on after I’m done here) all I need is time and a table not covered in junk, which with 3 kids can be as elusive as a spare $300.00.

Of course it could be lots of things for lots of people.  A niw shiny carburator for a hot rod project, an air compressor, an airbrush etc., but where does the missing part end and the missing motivation begin?  I sometimes wonder if these things are skillful dodges of work, (well not in the case of the 5 string at least, that is all about the lack of cash) masquraded by lack of proper equipment.

In any case the computer should be fixed within the next 4 weeks (budgeting is tight) so that will eliminate the book excuse, time & cash will tell the rest.


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