Iron Maiden & it’s Influence on Me

I started thinking about this a few posts ago, not just the musical influence but all of the stuff (most of my favorite stuff actually) that I was turned on to directly or indirectly by Iron Maiden.  The list was surprising so in no particular order:

“The Prisoner” series, not surprisingly because of the song of the same name.  I was about 13 or so when I heard it and a few days later I rented it at the local video store and from the first grainy VHS I was hooked.

“Dune” by Frank Herbert, even though old Frankie boy was a bit of a douche to the boys in Maiden, the song (on of my favorites) but it made me curious enough to pick up a battered paperback at the used book store (which rather conveniently was walking distance from this particular overweight, nerdy metal fan) and I’ve read it so many times that I have practically memorized it.  While the Dune sequels get pretty shitty after “God Emporor of Dune”, and his other work is average at best (stay away from anything written by his son Brian Herbert likes it’s a Godzilla made entirely of herpes) the first novel is an unabashed masterpiece.

The bass guitar, ummm, Steve Harris duh.

The works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, through, not surprisingly, Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  Maiden beat Rush out for me getting into British poetic literature.  Coleridge was the “gateway” poet to Milton & others to me.

Jethro Tull, I absolutely love that band, my favorite of their albums being “Stand Up”.  In an interview Steve mentioned Tull being an influence & he was wearing a Tull sweatshirt in the liner pics for “Somewhere in Time” and that was good enough for me.  Plus I love salmon too but that’s a coincidence–Jethro Tull fans will get that joke.

Thin Lizzy, and UFO, ditto.

Bitter Ale, from th”12 Wasted Years” video as Steve uncomfortably mumbles “Pint of bitter please…” while avoiding looking at the camera it was a phrase that stuck in my head till it was an option and my personal favorite beer to this day is Fullers ESB.

The work of H.P. Lovecraft.  I’m so grateful that they put his famous quote on the gravestone on the cover of “Live After Death” : “That is not dead, which can eternal lie, for within the strange immortal eons, even death may die…”   I was intrigued by the epigram, went to my trusty used bookstore and ended up a rabid fan of the Cthulu Mythos, the stuff written by the inimitable Mr. Lovecraft as well as his official and unofficial successors.

My own general Anglophila in general, partly because I spent a good chunk of my eay adult life surrounded by British expatriates whilst practically living at the King’s Head Pub in Plantation FL (that place will eventually get a post of their own when I’m in the mood) but partly due to the old trusty lads involved in NWOBHM.

It’s amusing as well as slightly embarassing (partly because I work as a fry cook for Nicko but knowing the guy, I can’t imagine the man so bored that he’s going to read my crackpot ramblings) but it does show all of the influence that something as simple as a band can have.  Other bands have done similar for me, Jane’s Addiction for example, but that’s another post.


2 Responses to “Iron Maiden & it’s Influence on Me”

  1. I know exactly where you’re coming from here, Maiden has gotten me into a lot of cool stuff the exact same way.

  2. Linkin boy/ kyle evans Says:


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