On “Blogging”

On my first blog I noted that “Blogging is like a diary for exhibitionists.”  Now as I skimmed over a bunch of my own more recent posts I have to admit to no small degree it’s still true.  This being said, the “blog” as a “literary form” is an actual thing that is evolving in the 21st century, not my much desired rocket pants, but the blog as a literary form.

What makes the blog so unique from a literary standpoint is there has never been such immediacy between writer & audience.   Hell, I’m still utterly shocked that anybody other than Scott reads this with any frequency (by the way tell Andrea I said hi and you guys ought to hang out some time…however, extended exposure to my children might make you postpone your plans on having a family but I digress) and that is due to the “democracy” of the internet.

Of course when I do say democracy I mean an American style democracy, dominated by affluent white males and heavily regulated by special interests.   But still never have so many writers, (myself included) had such access to an audience and frankly it’s pretty cool.  I actually have some fans (my much beloved lummoxcateers-how do you become a lummoxcateer?   Read my blog, now you have it all over you and you can’t get it off.  Like an invisible cold sore on your brain) and amusingly I have more exposure writing about my children & housepets getting on my nerves than pretty much any gig or performance I’ve been in.

So what’s my point?  It’s a blog, it’s a new genre.  We don’t NEED points yet.  We just hope we get popular enough to try to sell T-shirts.


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