blast from the past the IRON MAIDEN Boston adventure

A repost from an old blog enjoy.

hello all i’ve managed to make it home without being arrested for vagrancy; i’ve showered (at last) and in about 3 hours will be in miami practicing playing iron maiden songs. gregg & i flew up to boston with very little money & the clothes on our backs, we knew that we were inproperly dressed for the weather but that was part of the challenge, like it was sone odd urban survival show. the flights were utterly uneventful and we arrived in boston at about 11 am. we promptly hit the subway and began wandering around boston, the wheather was about 40 degrees (a big change from the 88 degrees it was here at home). i immediately loved the feel of the city, i felt at home from the time i stepped off of the plane and promptly got the hang of their clean and efficent public transit system, and the archetecture was beautiful. being ravenously hungry we ended up at a place called the sunset bar & grill where we enjoyed a very nice meal and were served by the lovely and efficent carrie who gave us some useful tims as for finding our way around the town as well as imparting a really cool beer pouring trick. we continued wandering around and stopped at a great little coffe shop called the espresso stop for a pick me up where we met the talented and lovely kelly who worked there & we ended up running into at the show sitting right next to us (small world-also thanks for sharing your pretzel with us). from there we went to a place called t’s lounge and tossed back a few points with a few thousand maiden fans. it was like a metalhead version of valhalla…lol… in a bat of an eye it was time for the show, our seats were AWESOME!!! without exaggeration we were less than 25 feet from the stage. the opening band was my poisoned valentine they were all right but we were waiting for the main event and we were not disappointed. the band was on fire i’ve seen maiden twice before and neither show came close to this one. the played THE ENTIRE NEW ALBUM start to finish and each song was an instant arena classic. the guys were obviously really excited about the new material and it was fantastic in every way. there were a couple of technical problems but they were quickly fixed and laughed off by the band. again we were so close i could see the wear marks on the back of steve’s bass neck and was able to pick up lots of little tips on performance. they played over 2 hours & it was simply absolutely fantastic. after the show we went back to t’s lounge and met 2 guys named dave who traveled from texas, as well as sharon (who is on our maidenmiamiband myspace page who i recognized from her tattoo-hi hon’) who had come froim san diego with her roommate as well as “the beast” who had come from england. gregg also met a guy who came all the way form poland for the show.
after t’s lounge closed things got interesting as gregg and i literrally were wandering like vagrants for the rest of the night freezing. i ended up stuffing newspapers in my thin jacket to help keep out the cold. we tried to go to a hostel but unfortunately they were both full & lived up to their homonym…(for the slow on the intake hostile)…lol… we did see a great view of the city abandoned beautiful & deathly quiet. i got to see fenway park at 3 in the morning, sucking in the history of the place as my teeth chattered and gregg got misty thinking of the history his family had as they were all from boston (and therefore HUGE red socks fans) and after 26 years of friendship i’m the same by adoption. we also wanded through boston’s chinatown at night & i found a cool little buddah necklace on a silk strand that i’m wearing right now. again quiet and beautiful. eventually at around 3;45 am we ended up sneaking back into the airport to get an hour or so of fitful sleep before heading back out to the streets of downtown boston.
on saturday we wandered throughout the sity and took the train to harvard & wandered around the beautiful campus. again it was very quiet and impressive, lots of squirrles. greg took a brief nap on a park bench while i wandered around in the cold quiet thinking and taking in the environment. later we hit the markets and of course had to go to & tip a pint at the legendary cheers (hell we grew up in the 80s) where thanks again go to the also very pretty & efficent lori who was our server there. after all that we did more wandering around taking in the sights and feel of the city until crashing on the airport and hopping on our plane home where on our connecting flight in north carolina i was seated next to a very cool, interesting guy named raligh who was coming into florida to do some shrimping and fishing who built hot rods and owns some BBQ restraunts in NC called Ian’s. as always as soon as i’m home i’m ready to run off somewhere else which really convinces me that touring musician is probably the profession most suited to my personality (i am available for hire…cheap…lol) all in all boston i loved my only complaints were that stuff closed surprisingly early (all the bars close at 1 or 2 not 4am like i’m used to) and the number of public bbathrooms really wasn’t adequate, especially in relation to the efficency of the barmaids.

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