Another Crazy Star Wars Fan Theory

Ummmm…  I think that I need to put some more thought into this one…

Ok I got it.

Bohemian Rapsody is really about Anakin Skywalker, hang on I can do this.

It begins with the famous “Mama Just killed a man..” that deals with Anakin’s guilt over his slaughter of the Tusken Raiders that kidnapped his mother, carrying on like “nothing really matters” is a perversion of the Jedi dedication to non emotional responses to problems, the “little silloetto of a man..” is the Darth Sideous, “Scaramouche,Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?”, Ok I got nothing there, but “thunderbolt & lightning very very frightning” Sith powers, force lightning see, yeah, “Gallileo”, he ment Genosis Freddy Mercury heard it wrong that’s all.  Ummmm….  The end part “Do you think you can stone me & spit in my eye, etc” it’s Vader at the end regaining his humanity and tossing the Emporor down the shaft thingy.

This entire post, makes it evident that you should always read the dosage of cough syrup regardless how much you weigh.

I’m going to wake up the kids and get them to school then take a nap; otherwise I’ll be rambling about how Billy Squire’s “Stroke Me” is really an anayalasis of the plotline of  Whuthering Heights.


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