Further evidence to the fact that my housecats are assholes…

As I have previously said, “I’m fairly convinced that my housecats are assholes…”


I have further evidence to support my claim.  As you know I recently built a new bass.


One of my felonious feline fuckups, jumped on the bass as it was minding it’s own buisness on the wall hangar, knocking it down, and causing the already dodgy electronics to jarr out of place.

Not surprisingly, I immediately wanted to throw open all the doors to the place & use each possible exit as a direction in which to practice my tuna salad fastball; then let nature take it’s course.

Remember I really like animals, however, these little jerkoffs have clawed up so much of my shit I’d want to have them declawed SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE IT’S CRUEL & DISFIGURING just to get back at them.  Obviously I’m not I’m just fantasising about it online, but still they drive me fucking nutballs.

I’ve lived happily with many a cat, but these jaguar sized hellbeasts drive me apeshit gorrillabiscuts crazy.


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