The Steps Involved in My Creative Process

As I am home today actually making progress on my current freelance  illustration project I have noticed that my creative process has several distinct steps.

1: Check Email, after all the client might have sent me important information that changes the nature of the work.

2: Update Blog, well, since I have the computer up and running I can just check my stats real quick.

3: Lolcats…  I need to be in a good mood to work afterall

4: Mise en place, have to get my workspace all set up after all…

5: Sit and stare at notes and blank paper.

6: Breakfast, I need energy, if I’m hungry I can’t concentrate.

7: Sit and stare at notes and blank paper.

8: Coffee/tea/other, how can I work without coffee?

9:Pacing back and forth in my bathrobe.

10:Sit and stare at notes and blank paper.

11: Pick out “Just the right music to inspire me…”

12:Lightly draw some stuff on the page in “blue line” , maybe start really drawing, I don’t know.

13:Stand outside drinking my coffee.

14: Check all the dumpsters in my complex in the hopes that someone threw out a nice office chair since my children/animals /fat ass have destroyed another one.

15:Sit and stare at notes and blank paper.

16:Inexplicably feel compelled to put on a funny hat.

17:Sit and stare at notes and blank paper.

18: No wonder I’m not getting anything done this hat is distracting me.

19:Actually get some work done.

20:Check email, something might have happened regarding the project.

21:Might as well check my blog.

22: Blog about doing an illustration project.

23:Sit and stare at notes and blank paper.


25:Crave a cigarette even though I don’t smoke.

26:Suddenly find some chores compelling; “after all who can work in this mess?”

27:Actually draw something.

28:Reward myself with a snack.

29: Resume pacing since there is nothing to eat in the house.

30: Sit and stare at notes and blank paper.

31: Eat something of questionable vintage from the refridgerator.

32: Get a touch more drawing done.

Repeat until project is finished or deadline is missed.

And there you have it a peek into the pysche of a freelance illustrator, I hope it was informative.


9 Responses to “The Steps Involved in My Creative Process”

  1. And then there’s the obligatory time spent on the internet “researching” your topic/subject. . .
    SHIT! how did it get to be 3 pm and I’m still in my bathrobe? Damn you YouTube!! Damn your black soul to hell!!!

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      The current project I’m speaking of is a series of Illustrations for a multimedia group’s thing, no music in this one though there is a music project I might be very involved in soon that i haven’t written too much about. I’m actually an accomplished visual artist (for all the good it does me broke ass as I am) and have worked as as a graphic designer/illustrator for years; unfortunately, the economy, blah blah blah… so I make sure the fries are to Nicko’s high standards.

      • 11: Pick out “Just the right music to inspire me…”

      • kingbiscuitpants Says:

        sorry sean, that is almost a joke because just the right music is never found you always settle, it’s sort of when you go through hundreds of cds & there’s “nothing to listen to” however yesterday i was in a massive Elvis Costello binge since I have 7 episodes of spectacle on my dvr so I had that running

  2. Funny…my creative process includes “check Kingbiscuitpants blog”

    you never know…

  3. been there done that!

    double espresso (Black Cat) does it for me while either listening to some great old-school POWER-METAL or something ambient and or electronica.

    govinda or super hit incense burning.

    room= complete darkness too!

    creativity = no light what-so-ever for me!

    Rock on!

    Curt King
    Demolish HQ

  4. anozisamyth Says:

    Oh, good. Someone agrees that lolcats are essential for creativity.

    Haha, funny stuff. I can relate. :S

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