Dammit I want a Mandocello… or an Oud

The following will be both infantile and ridiculous.  I am as you all know a bass player, one of the rare ones who STARTED on bass and it’s my thing; I have however wanted to pick up a second instrument and I just have weird issues with the guitar.  Maybe it’s because I never really had aptitude and always felt like it was too small, or maybe (and most likely) because it’s too convenient and obvious.

First there is the mandocell0 which is essentially a fretted, dual course,  cello scale length instrument, tuned lower than a guitar but higher than a bass.  I love the sound of them and in my limited messing around with them found a some aptitude.  A great example of how they sound is in the “Cheap Trick” song ‘”mandocello…

Sounds cool don’t it?

Now on the other hand is the oud it is of guitar scale length, dual course & fretless; which for me is a plus.  It is nylon instead of steel string and is usually associated with middle eastern music.  Amusingly I would have an easier time picking up one of these since there are several Middle Eastern markets by my home and they usually have a few lying around.

To hear this fascinating insturment check this out.

If it sounds like flamenco (which is a lifetime love of mine to listen to) it is because flamenco evolved from a Moroccan oud player named Faallo who was popular during the Morrish occupation of Spain; much like how the british punk scene was said to have evolved from a single performance of Iggy & the Stooges in Manchester.

My biggest obstacle in learning either of these instruments is the fact that I have yet to see the cheapest of either go for less than $300 bucks, and as you know I’m an underpaid & struggling father of 3.  So I’ll be taking donations of old ouds, mandocellos (a.k.a. Irish bozuki) cash or five string bass pickups through my kingbiscuitpantsbsdmail.com account.  Just kidding…  unless you want to lend a hand or beat up instrument to a big goofy burnout.


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