Hang in there you baby gorilla; A moment for Artie Lange

When Rush said in Spirit of the Radio, “Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive,” it hit a nerve about human isolation & our daily rituals.  At one point years ago I lived rather isolated from friends & family and listening to the Howard Stern show  in the morning was sadly the highlight of my day.  As time went by and the show became a fixture in my day hands down the guy who frankly made the show for me was the inimitable Artie Lange.

You see Artie is a guy I always could relate to and see so much of myself in (barring the success & talent of course) he was a fat Italian guy who was kind of a fuck up. “That’s me!” I often thought when hearing some of his stories; especially when I was reading his great autobiography “Too Fat to Fish”.

Artie’s struggles with food, alchohol, drugs, gambling & mostly himself were (and still are) legendary and the violence of his recent suicide attempt is shocking in such a generally sweet guy.  So for what it’s worth you Baby Gorilla, from this obscure corner of teh intarweb, from one fat Italian fuckup to another, hang in there Artie & good luck.


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