Trying to survive the rest of 2009…and the first 7 hours of 2010

It’s 6:15 am, I’m watching Phinias & Pherb (a surprisingly good kids show) since it’s that, infomercials, CNN (which is the worst thing in the world if you despeerately need to get back to sleep) or the latest VH1 dating skank/douchebag fest, my back is killing me and I’m just trying to relax & take the edge off because work tonight will be a nightmare.  I go into work at 6pm and work till 11 as a cook then change and will be working from 11pmish to 5 or 6 am as security for an event at the restraunt since the boss knows I used to be a bouncer and I’m already on the payroll. 

Tonight is going to be a massive endurance contest so wish me luck lummoxcateers, I need all the help I can get.  It is a bummer that I won’t be with Shu & the kids tonight but we REALLY need the money; especially since unemployment just told me that I’ ve been overpaid by $138.00 and I have to send them a check or I get criminal charges (donations accepted : I am finally making headroom on the illustration job I just got so that should let me fix the home PC & officially move all my computing to LINUX . 

To breifly get off subject I can see LINUX as computing’s homeopathy for people suffering from windows but can’t afford a Mac, but that’s just an exhaustion related association.

In any case 2009 has been a challenging year for everyone I personally know. In fact I don’t know anybody (I didn’t ask Nicko however I ought to-it’s still fucking cool that that is an option but that is pretty much the only good thing that happened to me in this piece of shit year…  Ok the Maiden concert & and the Opera Mash Ups were cool too, but everything else sucked) who had a good year; if so bless you but I haven’t met you.  I’m about to try to turn off the TV & PC in the hopes of getting some REM.  Happy, safe & prosperous new year to all of you and wish me luck, rest and stamina.

love dom


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