Dom’s RastaBarvarian Roast Duck, with Roasted Jamaican Pumpkin, Carrots & Potatos

Hello my loyal and hungry lummoxcateers; I know it has been quite a while since I’ve done a recipie post (which ironically is why this blog came into existance-thanks scott) but frankly I really haven’t cooked anything that has been particularly noteworthy until now.  This is a meal I’ve been threatening to make for a while, first inspired by Shu & I’s trip to the wonderful Old Heidleburg restaurant:

as well as my lifetime love of caribbean food and a curiosity to how duck would hold up to jerk style seasoning (wonderfully by the way) so for Xmas day this is what I made I really hope you all enjoy it, the recipie is enough for 2 ducks or 3 chickens if you’re like my mother and refuse to do duck.  The vegetables I chose to roast in the pan were an easy call but in the future I might try to cook vegetables in the color of the Ethiopian flag  I would keep the Jamaican pumpkin for the gold, callaloo for the green ( thrown in towards the end of course) and I haven’t figured out what red would be.  In any case here we go.


2 whole ducks

1 stale loaf of pannetone bread (coffee cake, rasin bread, or even fruitcake could be subsitiuted)

1 blueberry muffin

4 slices of rye bread

3 onions diced

5 cloves of garlic, crushed or diced

2 tablespoons salt

several shakes of worstishire sauce

4 carrots diced

1/2 pound of chopped spinach

2 ounces apple schnapps

1 big squirt of ketchup

3 ounces dark rum

1/2 a pound of cooked & finely crumbled bacon

2 tablespoons badia complete

2 tablespoons black pepper

4 tablespoons dry jerk seasoning

a dash of clove

1 1/2 sticks of butter

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1/2 of a jamaican pumpkin

5 red potatoes

5 carrots whole

2 onions sliced

a splash of red wine

some flour to thicken the gravy

By the way before getting into the how to’s it is essential to have a 2 large baking pans (one can be the cheap disposable kind) and a rack because the rack is really vital when cooking duck.

Let’s start with the stuffing, into a large pot toss in the oil, butter, schnapps and rum.  Once the butter has melted toss in the diced carrots, spices & worstershire, then the onion and garlic once the carrots look about cooked.  When the vegetables have sweated add the bacon & start tearing up the breads for the stuffing and add them to the pot then stir them to coat thuroughly and have the breads absorb the liquids.

Now that the stuffing is cooling take the ducks and rub them inside in out with liberal pours of first dark rum, then the apple schapps, then stuff the ducks with the stuffing mixture.  Once the ducks are stuffed liberally rub them down with salt, pepper, jerk seasoning and badia complete & place onto the rack.

In the large roasting pan (the good one) lay out the carrots, roughly broken into the same size as well as the potatoes & pumpkin; then cover with a layer of sliced onions.

Place the rack with the ducks on top of the vegetables and place into a 350 degree oven for 90 minutes.  After the 90 minutes has passed remove the duck from the top of the vegetables and place into the second pan and cook for another hour, then lower to 25o and cook for another 50 – 60 minutes (my oven is old & shitty so I have to struggle with it)

Remove the rack and place on a serving dish with the vegetables, placing the good pan on the stove and adding whatever drippings from the second pan to the first and set to medium high heat.   Add an ounce of red wine, and ounce of rum and another ounce of schnapps to the drippings and start wisking in the flour until thickened.

So there you go it really was a resounding success and balanced the high sweetness of the stuffing with the complexity of the jerk, try it, I really hope you enjoy it, & one last time, Happy Holidays!


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