an xmas carol, the pogues, wonder stuff, nostalgia

merry xmas everybody, before I have to shuffle off to the rib mines I present my favorite xmas song the “Pogues” “Fairytale of New York” which features the talented Kristy McColl, notable partly because it’s the only Xmas song I can think of that includes the word scumbag, however, it always touches me in a very sincere and meaningful way so here you go me much beloved lummoxcateers.

The next song reminds me of xmas in a bit of a tangental way, it’s the Wonder Stuff’s “Welcome to the Cheap Seats” which I clearly remember singing loudly and badly on the patio of the long defunkt and missed “Mudhouse” to me this song really has the feel of those “magical”, naive,joyous, youthful times during xmas break in high school with some old friends,

Again happy holidays everybody and to risk seemingly maudlin language, not just today, but every day, make time for the people you love and give them not the slightest doubt how much you care about them; and for strangers reach out and just make the eff0rt to treat them like fellow human beings, you might be the only one who does that for them.

much love



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