Missing so many of you

This message has been peercolating in the depths of my mind for several days now.

So many of us find as we travel forward through our lives our circle of friends gets shorter, like satillites that escape the gravitational pull of the main body.  It’s not malice, people move, careers change, you have children, you’re just so exhausted mentally and emotionally from work you can’t bear to pick up a phone, you just lost yet another loved one & you can’t bear mentioning it again, or you’re just depressed.  The cost is dear, & without a casually made goodbye another friend is gone.

In a particularly touching moment in the show “Boston Legal” 2 characters are discussing the deterioration of their friendship an one quite tellingly says,  “Friends are like rooftop gardens; we mean to take care of them with the best of intentions yet they inevetably fall into neglect.”   I think that has happened entirely too often in my own life as well.

Since it “tis the season” to awkwardly remind those you love or miss that you are alive I encourage you all to better tend your rooftop gardens and reach out to those you love.

To my distant friends I have not forgotten you and I miss you all very much, to everyone else I send my love as well.

Have yourselves a happy, safe, and hopefully enjoyable holiday after this very, very, tough year.

Much Love to you all.



2 Responses to “Missing so many of you”

  1. Wow….nice words.

    Hope I’m not in that list. I’m coming by to say hello after I get back from Honduras. I have a couple weeks that are a little less crazy, but my M.F.A program is kicking my ass up and down.

    Merry Christmas….and I’ll see you next week….at some point.


  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    no I actually hear from you lol… merry xmas to you andrea & your mom

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